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International Benchmarking Forum 2010
Date: 09.06. -
Organisation: BAKBASEL
Place: Basel, Hilton, Auditorium Bâloise
About the Forum

The current economic turmoil unambiguously demonstrates that the economic evolution is far from being steady. While such times might be exciting and a challenge for every economist to understand, most policy makers prefer a smoother performance. Sustainable growth has thus become an almost magic term. However, we should keep in mind that the path of sustainable development is rather narrow.

Narrow because deviations on both sides may prove to be unsustainable. Too low growth will lead to rising unemployment while too high growth always implies the seed of the next recession.

It is also narrow because there are not only the steady state properties from the economics textbooks, but many additional conditions from a number of more recent themes which have become relevant over the last decades. Today it is obvious that these themes at least include environment, climate change, demographic change, immigration and intercultural integration.

What will the future bring and how can European politicians and decision makers cope with the unknown future? How can we render and keep our regions competitive for the next decade? How do global trends affect Europe and its regions? What will be the role of Europe in an integrated world economy and how can we best prepare for this changing international division of labour?

Sustainability has become a buzzword over the last years. Originating from natural sciences, it is used today in many different contexts and various meanings. For BAKBASEL sustainability is by no means restricted to ecological issues, it rather describes stable processes of all kinds that can last for a very long time. Thus, the term sustainability can be applied to demographic, social and or economic developments as well as to public finances.

When it comes to economic performance of regions, sustainability means lasting competitiveness. This requires both a constant observation of the latest trends in the world and a constant monitoring of the own position. This year's International Benchmarking Forum will help you learn more about relevant global trends and their impact on European regions.
Futher information
Marc Bros de Puechredon
+41 61 279 97 25
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